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Online Casino - what is it?

 What is an Online Casino?

 Online Casino is just like the real casino, but you don't have to travel miles away, spend money on hotels, food, fees, etc. just to enjoy a few hours of gambling. As in the real casino, the money is real and the winnings are real. In most cases the jackpots are won every day, due to the high volume of the casino players, and their are bigger then the jackpots of a land-based casino. In its technicality, the online casino is a software you download to your computer, which connects to a gambling server - when you bet on blackjack, for example, your bet is send to the gambling server, along with the bets of other people, and based on a random number generator you win or lose. And, yes, the respected online casinos we list on our website do use random numbers for all of their games, and the software is closely monitored by the software maker, to ensure that there is no tampering, thus building the necessary trust in people on the software brand.

 The progressive jackpots are one of the best feature of the online casinos. They are not made by the casino, but by the casino software maker, and in this way, you have 5-6 casinos (sometimes more) offering the same jackpot. With so many players gambling for the same jackpot, it doesn't take more than a day for somebody to win the jackpot, and some jackpots are well over $1,000,000.


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